Look Your Best

When you go to a Christmas function or party you want to look your best. You don’t need to look different, just the best version of yourself and photo ready!

When you have your hair done and wear your best outfit, you also want your teeth and smile to project confidence and good health.

The best way to ensure this is to have your teeth cleaned at Yarra Valley Dental before Christmas! Book in here.

A clean will remove unsightly tartar deposits, stains and remove plaque. Your mouth will look and feel fresh and clean. Scaling can be done either by hand or by using the Ultrasonic Scaler which uses ultrasonic energy to gently remove tartar build up.

At Yarra Valley Dental we use anesthetic gel to numb the teeth and gums before cleaning to make it pain free and very comfortable.

Tartar forms when plaque on the teeth is not removed by thorough brushing and flossing. The calcium in the saliva calcifies the plaque and hardens it forming tartar which then requires scaling.

When the tartar has been removed, it means that the tooth surface is smooth and less plaque will adhere! This means your teeth will stay cleaner and fresher for longer. This will give you a confident photo ready smile, and you will definitely look your best!

Teeth Whitening

It is not too late to whiten your teeth in time for Christmas. In order to prepare to whiten, your need to have your teeth cleaned and impressions taken so that a custom made tray can be constructed.

Teeth whitening gel comes in two forms. A day time formula which works very rapidly, or a slow acting night time formula made for deeper stains. Yellow brown stains from tea and coffee are the most receptive to teeth whitening, whereas blue/grey stains are harder to shift.

Teeth whitening is generally very comfortable and most effective for making you photo ready for Christmas parties, reunions and holidays. It gives you that extra boost that sometimes cleaning alone cannot do by making your teeth whiter and brighter.

You can expect your teeth to become up to 5 shades lighter in some instances, certainly enough for friends and family to notice and for you to make your mark in a Christmas photo!

Resin Bonding

Resin bonding is used to coat the front teeth to correct poor alignment or improve tooth form or colour. It is non-invasive and relatively inexpensive compared to porcelain crowns; it can be done on the same day and produces instant results that will make your friends jealous!

Resin Bonding involves placing a thin layer of composite filling material on the tooth surface and then shaping it to the desired thickness. The can make teeth sitting out of the arch appear in-line with the other teeth and teeth that have become thin or broken will appear new and healthy.

Tooth Ache

Never ignore those little niggles of pain or a grumbling tooth ache when the festive season is upon you! Instead of savouring the gastronomic delights, you will be refraining from eating properly and fail to fully engage in all the enjoyment of the season.

Tooth ache is the worst way to spoil this holiday season. If you have a small niggle or even a tooth that can’t withstand pressure, visit your dentist to have it investigated.

Smile and be at your best without having to fake it and worry about your smile for those Christmas Day family photos!

Amalgam Fillings

Ever thought that you wish you didn’t have that ugly filling showing?

Many patients wish that something could be done about a metal filling that always seems to make itself seen in a photo!

This is also true for metal bands that have been wrongly left on a tooth for extended periods of time. Don’t despair – it can be fixed!

With our modern range of dental composite resins and porcelain crowns, almost any tooth that is filled with metal can be re-made to look white and new!

Some teeth have metal, yellow plastic and even gold fillings that were once the norm. Let’s move with the times and feel good about smiling again!

Feel the confidence of smiling knowing that only your pearly whites are showing!

Old Crowns

Many crowns in the past were made with a metal substructure, that over time can come to show when smiling. This is treatable!

Sometimes, the metal collar can be masked with some composite resin and other times a new crown needs to be made; but never do you have to stop smiling for fear that nothing can be done to help!

Root Canal Treated Teeth

Ever wondered why you root canal treated tooth looks black?

There are two reasons: it either has blood staining in the dentine of the tooth or it has excess root filling material in the crown of the tooth. Your dentist can help treat both problems and have you feeling confident again!

Blood inside the tooth can be bleached using the Walking Bleach Technique.

This involves placing a paste of bleach inside the tooth for 2 week periods until the tooth is as light as those surrounding.

The second issue of root filling material in the crown of the tooth can also be corrected with tooth bleaching, after the excess material is removed. Sometimes this on its own is enough, especially if a very light shade of composite material is used to restore the tooth. But more often, bleaching is also required.

Feeling Confident

Whether your teeth are “perfect” or not is irrelevant. The most important thing is that you feel confident when you smile, and you know that your teeth are the best that they can be for you!

So, please come and have a chat with Dr. Kathleen de Castella at Yarra Valley Dental about what can be done to improve your smile, and have you photo ready for Christmas parties, functions and family re-unions.