Most patients who are scared of the dentist, only come in when they are in pain!

This is understandable. Well, here are some tips that can help…


Eat breakfast/lunch before you come in to help maintain good glucose levels (this will help with your anxiety)


Take all your normal medications and don’t skip anything


Bring a support person with you so that you don’t have to drive


Bring a list of your medications

Above all, come in with an open mind and know that we can talk, for as long as needed, and if you feel that you are not ready for treatment then some really good painkillers will help!

All adults/children are vulnerable to tooth trauma and should know that the best prevention is always a well-fitting mouthguard.

If a tooth is knocked out of the mouth, it is best re-implanted immediately. If it can’t be then it should be placed in some saliva and wrapped in glad wrap or stored in milk. Under no circumstances should it be washed in water. If it is dirty, then a quick wash with saliva is the best!

Yarra Valley Dental should be telephoned immediately for an emergency consultation.

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