The process of whitening is quite simple...

Alginate impressions are taken of the teeth and clear trays are constructed. The patient is then counselled on how to use the whitening kit at home either over-night of during the day. The results using this system are far superior to chair-side whitening where an ultra-violet light is used to try and enhance the process.

In chairside whitening much of the colour change can be attributed to dehydration rather than true whitening.

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Yellow/brown stains lighten best and are more often the ones caused by dietary pigments like tea, coffee and red wine. Blue/grey stains do not bleach as well and nor do stains caused by anti-biotics like Tetracycline.

The whitening gel penetrates between the crystals of the enamel and causes oxygen to be released which lightens and brightens the tooth! A bit like the laundry product ‘Oxy-Action’!

The pigments are not actually removed, but their chemistry is changed. A touch up is recommended every 12 months and top up kits are available to buy at cost price.

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